# Restaurants at Start of 2018: 11

Erin Childs, formerly VP of Catering and Sales since 2010, is promoted to President.

Matt Taylor, formerly GM, Area Manager, and Director of Operations since 2004, is promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

2018 was a year of rebranding and refreshing the restaurants. We adopted the Modern Mexican tagline, replacing the Inspired Burritos tagline that had been in place since 2005. Mexican food is no longer about rice, beans and cheese like Americans thought it was in the 20th century, and Boloco’s global inspirations reflect the best of what you find in delicious restaurants in Mexico today.

We also formally adopted the heart swirl logo, which we had tested in 2012 but lacked courage to use everywhere. The heart represents a softer business that cares about its people and its communities, our B-Corp status, and belief in stakeholder capitalism vs. orthodox shareholder capitalism.

# Restaurants at End of 2018: 9


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