In February, we celebrated our 15th birthday. And we had to do something big… Go big or go home, right? We set the ambitious goal to raise $25,000 for our friends at Life is Good Playmakers and hosted a Free Burrito Day at every single one of our restaurants. After serving tens of thousands of free burritos (37,600 to be exact) to crazed fans, it’s safe to say that was the very best way ever to celebrate a birthday. We raised $20,712 during the course of the celebration, short of our target, but, by the year’s end, we had hit $30,000!

15 Days of free burritos

In July, we spread our wings and opened our first restaurant outside of our New England home base in Bethesda, MD (#19). We moved in next to some pretty awesome neighbors and we were excited to bring globally inspired burritos to the Mid-Atlantic for the first time. It didn’t take long for Boston transplants to find us… on our first day of business (which was, of course, a Free Burrito Day), we met tons of former Bostonians that knew boloco from back home! It was great to reconnect with old friends – even 500 miles from home base.

coming to dc

In August, our boloco ordering app finally made its Android debut (sorry, BlackBerry users…). With shorter wait times and boloco card integration, we were pretty stoked about all of the things guests could do with our app. As the year wore on, however, less than 3% of sales came from the iPhone and Droid app combined. We set a goal for 2013: to get all of our guests using this seamless tool.

In September, we took on another suburban location and opened inWellesley, MA (#20)! It was a TOUGH opening. But, we put all hands on deck, worked together, gave away lots of free burritos, and got Wellesley back on track. Nobody ever said that opening new restaurants was easy, regardless of how many times you’ve done it!

Just as December rolled in, we opened our first “actual” Washington, D.C.restaurant (#21) at 19th & L. Never before had we seen a line as long as this one for Free Burrito Day. Apparently, the word “free” really is magic everywhere.

dc store front

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