boloco’s original restaurant on Mass Ave was relocated to 1080 Boylston Street. Surrounded by musical talent, local Berklee College of Music students created The boloco Song.

Changes were made based on guest feedback, thanks to a group of boloco lovers (and haters) gathered by the venerable Tom O’Keefe (better known by his Twitter handle, @BostonTweet).  We replaced our long-standing lime rice with boloco rice. Even rice matters, and this rice rocks.

We encouraged guests to “brave the (snow) storm” to visit us and work together to earn a burrito giveaway bonanza (aka Free Burrito Day). After a few mathematical errors and a 2000 presidential election-style recount, we finally calculated that 6,257 guests had visited during the ferocious winter storm and Free Burrito Day was formally earned.  We celebrated our 13th birthday, 2/24, with a series of Free Burrito Days. Thousands of mouths were fed and $10,408.95 was raised for local charities. Two guests set an official world record for most number of trips through the line for free food – 7 times!

April Fools’ time – we “renamed” ourselves Miniloco and officially introduced the world to a disturbingly small version of our burritos, bowls, smoothies, and shakes — the Mini. As always with April Fools’ gags, too many guests actually believed the name change and called us stupid (again).

Thirty boloco team members ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge and 4,500 burritos were handed out in pouring rain. Team members Jason Clay and Mark Corsillo pushed a broken-down golf cart filled with hundreds of said burritos for a quarter of a mile, a feat greater than the 3.5 mile run.

Many steps forward sometimes require a step or two backwards – we switched from compostable bamboo bowls back to recycleable bowls, due to leaking Teriyaki sauce and unavailability of proper sizes. (Spoiler alert: in 2014, we brought back compostable bowls.)

Fall 2010 saw the inaugural classes of boloco University, a boloco team member training series focused on educating and empowering our team members with career and life skills within and beyond boloco. That fall, we also moved our boloco HQ to its current location at 2 Park Plaza, overlooking Boston Common.

boloco’s Cycling Team participated in the Prouty event for the third year in a row. 26 riders pedaled in the 50- and 100-mile rides, raising over $21K for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

We were ranked #3,237 as one of the top 5,000 fastest growing privately held companies by Inc. Magazine. Still not really sure what that means, but it’s on a plaque in our office.

Forty-nine riders registered to ride with Team boloco for the Hub on Wheelscitywide ride. Only 20 showed up. We pedaled 10, 25, and 50 miles throughout Boston, sporting our official team boloco bike jerseys. We also hosted our boloco Block Party and debuted our boloco Smoothie Bike.

Burlington became our first restaurant to serve beer. We hosted a burrito and beer tasting with Magic Hat Brewery to benefitiCouldBe.org. We learned that burritos and beer are a magical pairing (duh).

Fall 2010 kicked off with the largest contingency of boloco Campus Mavens to date. They were psyched about their new t-shirts, ping pong balls, and free burritos and excited to represent boloco in their campus communities.

On Halloween we (temporarily) changed our name (again) to Booloco and asked guests to say “trick or treat.” The treat? Surprise Free Burrito Day! We raised $2,926.80 for the Boys & Girls Club of Boston and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay.

Another search for “Boston’s Best Burrito” resulted in the boloco marketing team ambushing the Boston Herald’s “Burrito Boy.” He liked our burritos. But a winner has yet to be crowned.

We got to hear about 400 Emerson students filming Lady Gaga LipDub, just around the corner from boloco HQ. After figuring out what a LipDub was, we secured our first product placement in the shoot (still trying to write the lyrics for a boloco LipDub).

Holidays always mean giving. Four stores + more than 40 charities = 2nd Annual 12 Days of Giving. We raised $8,223 for local charities at our Burlington, Hanover, Concord, and Tufts restaurants.

We anxiously waited (and waited, and waited, and waited) for the opening of our 17th location at 569 Boylston St. in Boston’s Copley Square. Highlights would include the Winston Lounge (named after Winston Flowers, the former occupants of the space), self-service kiosks, and inspired burritos. The estimated opening was late January 2011.

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