The boloco Airstream was launched in front of a crowd of 50,000 at the Mardi Gras parade in Burlington, VT. 400 boloco branded ping pong balls were lost during the parade, which led to a reward offer of 2 burritos for every ping pong ball returned. The boloco Airstream did not win the float contest (bummer).

John Pepper announced to the press he was running for Mayor of Boston at the School Street (#16) ribbon-cutting ceremony. The joke was not appreciated by our friend Mayor Menino who was there to support the opening and campaigning for reelection in November.

Within a month of celebrating his presence on this earth for half a century, Mike Harder became the poster child for chain restaurants due to his passion for all things green. His concern for the inevitable increased number of sales calls and emails trumped any temptation to let his newfound fame to go to his head. Separately, Fast Casual magazine cited boloco as one of the “Leaders of The Pack” in its commitment to the environment.

Boloco location total = 16

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