We became the first fast-casual chain in New England to be Certified Green by the Green Restaurant Association, which, at the time, included things like:

**All-natural meats

**Comprehensive recycling program (with the goal to be composting by the end of 2008)

**Replacing all styrofoam cups with corn-based cups

Our chicken was converted to a naturally raised product, signifying the successful conversion of all meats at boloco to naturally raised.
We increased our donation to Community Servings to $20,000.

Sean Boyce officially became the local artist for all New England boloco restaurants. His oil paintings depict the unique aspects of our restaurants’ communities, while conveying a mood that fits with the boloco personal
We won the first-ever Blind Taste Test conducted by the Boston Globe (in which all panelists were self-proclaimed devotees of local taqueria Anna’s Taqueria).

We opened our first restaurant in the great state of Vermont: Church Street, Burlington, VT (#14 again).

We won Best of Boston 2008 for “Best Location Within a Chain”… unfortunately, the lucky location (187 Elm Street in Somerville) closed its doors forever the very same day the award was announced. The closing party included champagne served in our boloco corn cups. We asked Boston Magazine to not select us for other awards in the future.
We switched all plastic bowls to 100% compostable bowls derived from bamboo.  We were cited by “Boston Globe” (12/3/08) as one of the “Greenest of Them All”:

“All of boloco’s meat comes from animals that have been treated humanely, fed a vegetarian diet, and kept free of hormones and antibiotics… uses highly renewable bamboo, paints low in or without volatile organic compounds, and PaperStone, a material with the hardness of concrete but made from recycled paper and an earth-friendly resin. Sinks feature water-restriction valves, and compact fluorescents light new stores… working with manufacturers on other lighting solutions. New stores get Energy Star refrigeration and heating systems where possible… eliminated Styrofoam; instead of plastic, the restaurants use cups made from corn and bowls made from bamboo fiber… trying to find an affordable alternative to plastic flatware, which would enable (composting).”

We were selected #28 in Fast Casual Magazine’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers. Fort Eddy Road in Concord, NH (#14 once more) opened.Boston Common(#15) also opened that December.

Boloco location total = 15

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