Mike Harder joined boloco as President and COO. With over 25 years in the business, he made drastic improvements to operations immediately. Referring to these improvements as “low hanging fruit,” he “insulted” the founders who never even knew such “fruit” existed. Customer lines accelerated (from 150 transactions/hour to over 250 transactions/hour), food became fresher than ever, and safety and customer service practices reached new levels. Customers seemed to notice. Lines grew, sales increased.

Brand name analysis determined six potential names to compare The Wrap against. Concerns had grown about the evolving meaning of the word “wrap” to include things such as cold deli meats, pita bread, sprouts, and even convenience store items – things that The Wrap had never been associated with. In markets outside of Boston and even in Boston itself, The Wrap name fared poorly in the analysis (even as compared to the control name “mammoth,” which was intended to be the loser).  A final decision was made and all 10 restaurants were converted from “The Wrap” to “boloco,” short for “Boston Local Company.” “Inspired Burritos” became the new tagline, intended to better describe the menu offering. Not one item on the menu, in fact, was changed in the rebranding process.

Sabbatical benefit (4 weeks) was introduced for those team members who work for the company for more than 10 years.

Boloco location total = 10

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