Children’s Hospital (#7) location opened and Pearl Street (#8) location opened in Boston’s Financial District.

The Wrap invested in B.good, a start-up healthier burger concept, of which John was a co-founder.

All team members became eligible for performance-based bonus plans. The last Jera’s Juice was closed when its lease ran out.

After 5 years of letter writing, fortunate circumstances (as opposed to the content of the letters) allowed John to meet with Howard Schultz (of Starbucks fame) in Seattle. It is there that John posed to the coffee magnate the question as to whether The Wrap was a name that could endure. Schultz’s initial response was that it was hip and catchy, but he agreed to ask some colleagues what they thought. After over an hour of dropping in at various Starbucks departments, speaking to over a dozen highly caffeinated employees, and peppering (no pun intended) them with questions about wraps versus burritos, the two corporate titans emerged from the roasting support center at which time John asked “Do you see the problem now?” Schultz’s short response: “I do.” Monthly letters to Seattle since this infamous meeting have yet to receive a response.

The Wrap location total = 8

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