We introduced a matching simple IRA plan for all full-time and most part-time team members. The Buffalo Chicken was first introduced as a special, eventually to become a cult favorite and permanent menu item. A group of customers lobbied for the name “Tatanka,” but when they imitated Kevin Costner with fingers in the air from Dances With Wolves, we stuck with the safety name.

Using paid architects for the first time, Water Street (#4) location opened in Boston’s Financial District. With lines out the door like we had never experienced before, The Wrap eliminated the need for pennies by making sure that after-tax prices ended with a “5” or a “0.” Fishing for pennies cost an extra 2-3 seconds and every second really did count. The store was able to handle over 150 transactions per hour (and would eventually double that).

A breakfast menu was introduced, including the Truckstop Special. It was supposed to be called the Flatbed Special #2 Burrito (of Harry’s Truckstop on I-89 fame), but we chickened out.

We won “Boston’s Best Wraps” by the Improper Bostonian for the second year in a row. English lessons began and were (and still are!) taught in-house to Spanish-speaking team members. Gregg Harris left the business this year to pursue his MBA at Columbia Business School.

The Wrap location total = 4

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