On February 24, the first Under Wraps opened at 137 Massachusetts Avenue (#1), across from Berklee College of Music. The idea was simple: make the best traditional Mexican burrito possible and then go beyond it, adding other unexpected, bold, and addictive flavors. We also brought in the frozen beverage fad known as “smoothies” to bolster the diversity of the menu, thinking it would be a home run.

But only 200 people visited on opening day versus the expected 500 – there was clearly work to be done. Then we received a “cease and desist” letter from Marriott saying that they owned the trademark to the name Under Wraps. A customer contest took place for a new name. “The Wrap” won.

Other wrap competitors opened in Boston, including Wrap Culture and Fresh City Wraps. Talks with the owner of Wrap Culture eventually led to an acquisition of its two locations. Talks with the owners of Fresh City led nowhere special.

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