Gregg Harris and John Pepper met again while living in San Francisco. They were both fans of the Mission District taqueria scene and the early wrap concept restaurants popping up throughout the city. They talked about how the rest of the country needed wraps as well. Gregg gave John the book “How to Open a Restaurant” (although John never read it).

Gregg and Adam also reunited in San Francisco and both quit their jobs to work at burrito shops (they were friends at this point). They met Jason Hutchinson at one of those burrito joints – night after night, the trio whispered over the grill about their future restaurant dreams back East. Gregg and Adam decided that, while Jason’s culinary skills were welcome, his taste in music was not.

John headed back to New England to get his MBA at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Early on, he befriended those in his class from the Bay Area, so that he could talk endlessly with them about the country’s desperate need for more burritos and wraps.

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