September 12, 2016

Boston Common

Boloco Boston Common - World HQ is upstairs!

176 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02116

(617) 778-6772

#15 – opened December 2008

Choosing the Boston Common location, believe it or not, required more gut than data. The data said that the demographics of this area weren’t suitable and used the fact that we’re facing a park (versus more buildings) to prove that we’d lose half our potential business. We took over a florist that had been there since 1937 and Biltmore Luggage that had been there nearly as long (they relocated around the corner, no worries!). We kept the original structure, with the exception of opening up the walls and making a panoramic window to the Boston Common.

Now officially located on Poe Square (the infamous poet was born at the site), we’re the only restaurant with a patio that faces the Common. Oh, and being next to Emerson doesn’t hurt either.