THANK YOU 🙏🏼: $50,000 and 10,000 Boloco Meals donated 💪

Boloco Friends,

3 weeks ago – which feels like 3 years ago – I put out a “Last Call” video. The Boloco Team had nothing more to give and I wanted to share honestly about our situation before closing our remaining doors.

When we first thought of our “Feed The Frontline” menu (which was still a unique term at the time!), it wasn’t ever imagined that doing so would result in generous donations from hundreds of people all around the country and the world. We had drastically simplified our menu and dropped our prices to $5 to ensure that almost anyone could afford to purchase what we serve, especially essential workers on the frontlines. But it wasn’t working – understandably, nobody was coming – and we didn’t see any alternatives but to join many of our peers and shut it all down.

But… YOU didn’t let us do that. Not even close.

Minutes after sending the video, a good friend – Jenny from California – asked if she could buy 20 Warrior One burritos for $5 each and have us deliver them to one of the Boston hospitals. A few minutes after that, our #FeedTheFrontline GoFundMe page was created. And before we knew it, hundreds of people were donating. (And Jenny doubled her donation! ❤️)

Today, you have surpassed $50,000 in donations which is feeding 10,000 Boloco meals to Frontline Workers all over New England. A week from now, we will have delivered every last one of them.

It’s been an honor for us to meet so many hard-working, dedicated people these past few weeks. It hasn’t been easy for them or for our Boloco Team, but providing nourishing food brought smiles to most of them and all of us, at a time when there hasn’t been a whole lot to smile about.

In the end, Boloco will very likely have to close all locations for a period of time. “Regular” sales are down a staggering 80% on average – completely unsustainable – and our Team will appreciate the short break, likely no more than 2 weeks (if not now, when… right?!).

The good news is that with your incredible support (and a little disaster relief from the good ol’ US of A!) we now have a clearer path to ensure our people are paid and to re-open our restaurants in May. Challenges will continue beyond then, for us and countless others, but in the meantime we’ve been blessed with purposeful and meaningful work that kept us going every day for the past month.

Thanks to all of YOU.

While we’re open, please keep us in mind when you order take out food or want to donate to Frontline workers in Boston and the Upper Valley (NH/VT). The thousands of people who benefit from your generosity and our entire Boloco Team appreciate it more than you know.

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On behalf of the entire Boloco family, please be well and stay safe.

With gratitude as always,

John Pepper
Co-Founder & Chief Worker Advocate

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