Supporting the Frontline – the $5 Burrito is back

We are in a crisis. While some are feeling it (far) more than others, very few of us are escaping unscathed.

Boloco exists to help others – we are one of 12 Certified B Corp restaurants in the country. Our focus has always been, first and foremost, on the welfare of our own team. Hard workers who haven’t struck gold. Kind people who aspire to grow and live good lives. Some have claimed we go too far on this mission and that it would eventually be our downfall. Perhaps this will prove to be correct, but in the meantime…
Today, we are expanding our efforts to include all frontline workers and professionals in Greater Boston and the Upper Valley of NH/VT. Think hospital workers, restaurant and retail workers, municipal employees, utilities, and so many more. Whether it be to provide critical services for society or to keep families fed and healthy, some people are not at home and still very much at work. They are the frontline. And today, more than ever, they need support.
Make no mistake, this isn’t altruism. This is survival, hoping our efforts do some good along the way.
Effective today, until at least April 12*, everything on our menu will be base priced at $5 or less – that’s all sizes, available via pick-up, on-line, the Boloco app, and all of our partner delivery services. Guac will be an extra $1, as will steak while it lasts.
While our current vast array of ingredients remains in stock, you can order whatever you like. But by the end of this week, we will shift to a dramatically slimmed down menu selection fitting of this period. Think rice, beans, cheese, chicken, guac… the staples.
Starting today in-store (take-out only), and tomorrow online and delivery*, you’ll also be able to order the new Warrior One Burrito and Bowl.
The Warrior One is jam-packed with Boloco rice, slow-cooked beans, jack cheese and fresh salsa, sour cream and Boloco Sauce on the side. Original size is $5. You can have it vegetarian or with chicken (our only protein when everything else runs out). Guacamole will cost an extra $1.

Oh, and the Buffalo Chicken will still be available too. $5 as-is!
Delicious, filling, wholesome, affordable food. In and out, quickly and safely. That’s what we’ve got at Boloco. No frills. Just the yummy, hearty basics. The frontline needs to be fed quickly at a price that works.
We hope you’ll support us and in turn help us to continue to be able to serve those who need it most, especially now.
Order your Warrior One – or Buffalo Chicken 😍 – today.
We appreciate you.
Stay safe. With gratitude as always. 🙏🏼
Your Friends at Boloco

2 thoughts on “Supporting the Frontline – the $5 Burrito is back

  • Hey Guys,
    How about giving those of us who are not near a Boloco (because we used to go to the one near work) an opportunity to “Feed the Front Lines” by donating money that you would use to bring food for free to the front line workers — like from your location at Children’s Hospital.
    That way those of us at home could accomplish 2 goals: helping Boloco and doing something for those who are risking their lives to keep us safe. Assuming enough money is collected, you could also deliver donated meals to first responders, etc. And perhaps even to older folks marooned at home.
    Barry Lewis (loyal customer of the Congress Street location, home of Awesome Natalia, Rafaella and the rest of the crew)

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