COVID-19 Virus and Safety at Boloco

At Boloco, like so many other businesses you’ve heard from in recent days, your health and safety and the health and safety of our team members have always been a top priority. Today, more than ever, we want to be transparent about some of the actions we are continuing to take and additional safety measures we are putting into place to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and other germs that cause humans to become sick and potentially put lives in danger.

  • We are increasing our dining area cleaning schedules and will be wiping tables, chairs, door handles and all main public surface areas with sanitizer as we make our rounds all day through the dining space. 
  • Our kitchen and prep areas are fully cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, every day.
  • We have removed all self-serve items (utensils, napkins, cups, straws) from the dining room – our team members will hand these out safely to you.
  • Our catering program follows all instore guidelines and precautions. Our delivery team members are happy to either set up your orders or simply leave them where you choose – your call depending on your employer’s safety protocols.
  • We will continue to monitor and listen closely to the CDC guidelines and very importantly stay focused on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health guidelines.

Above all, Boloco is a people-first company. It’s part of what allows us to be one of only a dozen restaurant companies in the US to qualify as a certified B Corporation. Years ago we began offering all of our team members ServSafe training and certification. Today the vast majority have completed courses in safe food handling, sanitation, and allergens. This isn’t just good for your food safety concerns, it allows our employees to advance within Boloco or get better jobs outside of Boloco. In addition, long before it was required in many states, Boloco offered sick time and generous paid time off to all of our team members. This allows them to actually have the ability to take days off when they are sick, as opposed to doing everything possible to hide it and continue working for fear they will lose a paycheck. Team members who have been sick may not return to work until they are healthy or cleared by their doctor. This is our policy 365 days a year (366 in 2020!). 

Like you, we don’t know where this health crisis ends. We wouldn’t give the health of our business a second thought if it weren’t for the fact that it supports the livelihoods of over 120 people who work here. Our managers have been with Boloco an average of 13 years, our average team member 4 years. As an independently owned and operated business, born and raised in Boston, MA and Hanover, NH, we do hope that if your day requires you to eat out, you might consider keeping us on your short list. We have worked hard to earn your trust for the past two decades and will continue to do so, especially in times of crisis when trust is the most valuable currency any of us holds.

With gratitude, 

Your Friends at Boloco