September 13, 2016

Congress Street

boloco copley square boston ma

50 Congress St.
Boston, MA 02109

(617) 357-9013

Monday – Sunday: (7am – 4pm)
Saturday: (Closed)
Sunday: (Closed)

#4 – opened June 1999 (Water Street), December 2007 (current location)

In June 1999, we opened at 82 Water Street and learned a new word in the first 48 hours of being open. A business word. One we actually knew, but didn’t understand. That word was “throughput”- in layman’s terms, that means seeing 50 guests waiting in line and feeding all of them in 10 minutes without breaking a sweat. We talked about throughput but until Water Street, we just didn’t know how to execute it. Three days after opening, we added a third register and bought a few more pieces of ridiculously expensive equipment, and soon thereafter… we got throughput!

Years later, in December 2007, the current location on Congress Street opened up. Formerly an original Brigham’s, our landlord was super picky (with good reason) about who would go into this special space. It took us two years to convince him that we were worthy. A few thousand of you each week ever since have so far helped us make good on our promise.