Something’s Gotta Change + Free Delivery to Your Door

Imagine there’s no Grubhub, It’s easy if you try No DoorDash or UberEats Lets distribute that big pie, Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there’s no Postmates It isn’t hard to do Higher wages and benefits And vacation too Imagine all the people, for once, living real lives You may say I’m a Read more about Something’s Gotta Change + Free Delivery to Your Door[…]

An Update to the Boloco Team – Patriots Day 2020

Warriors, Yes, you. Team Boloco! You are Warriors. Keep reading. Your hard work and dedication over the last 4 weeks has proven many different things, but the things that stands out are your commitment , strength and courage . The ability you displayed to come together and fight for everything we have, leaving NOTHING on Read more about An Update to the Boloco Team – Patriots Day 2020[…]

THANK YOU 🙏🏼: $50,000 and 10,000 Boloco Meals donated 💪

Boloco Friends, 3 weeks ago – which feels like 3 years ago – I put out a “Last Call” video. The Boloco Team had nothing more to give and I wanted to share honestly about our situation before closing our remaining doors. When we first thought of our “Feed The Frontline” menu (which was still Read more about THANK YOU 🙏🏼: $50,000 and 10,000 Boloco Meals donated 💪[…]

Supporting the Frontline – the $5 Burrito is back

We are in a crisis. While some are feeling it (far) more than others, very few of us are escaping unscathed. Boloco exists to help others – we are one of 12 Certified B Corp restaurants in the country. Our focus has always been, first and foremost, on the welfare of our own team. Hard Read more about Supporting the Frontline – the $5 Burrito is back[…]

Safety & Gratitude @ Boloco

Dear Boloco Friends, The updates on the COVID-19 virus are constant and ever-evolving. Virtually every company in the country has reached out to its customers to share detailed plans for added safety measures and practices. You can link to our own here . Like so many other local businesses, Boloco will likely face immense challenges in the Read more about Safety & Gratitude @ Boloco[…]

Meet Max! (Lynnfield, MA)

How long have you worked at boloco? 5 years (with a 3-month hiatus) What location are you currently working at? Boloco Lynnfield What’s your favorite Color? Black (So excited about the NEW look of Boloco)!   Where did you grow up? Chelsea, MA What’s your favorite boloco burrito or bowl? Teriyaki with Chicken and our Read more about Meet Max! (Lynnfield, MA)[…]

TODAY – NEW Elote Street Corn Bowl

We’ve been working hard on a new delicious creation…and we’re psyched to introduce it to you… Elote Street Corn Bowl Packed full of serious flavor and shovel-into-your-mouth type of delicious. Add your favorite protein of choice… humanely-raised white or dark chicken, Grass-Fed steak, Organic Tofu or our freshly sautéed Fajita Veggies. If you don’t dig Read more about TODAY – NEW Elote Street Corn Bowl[…]

4 Wins in 15 Years = $4 Bowls and Burritos TODAY

Well, well, well THEY did it again!!!! #welldoneboston But you know what, on certain days, it sucks not to have our former cracker jack marketing team chomping at the bit to break some rules, make a ruckus as Seth Godin always says. How badly in moments like these we miss the good ol’ days with Read more about 4 Wins in 15 Years = $4 Bowls and Burritos TODAY[…]

A Special Friend to Boloco and our Mission: JVS

We partnered with JVS (Jewish Vocational Services) 7 years ago. They’ve had a huge impact on the lives and futures of many team members at Boloco over the years. They asked us to share some words about the partnership, and so we did. Here is the article.     Many years ago, John Pepper, the Read more about A Special Friend to Boloco and our Mission: JVS[…]

MASS IS CLOSED: Ferris Burrito’s Day Off March 13, 2018

Winter storm Ferris is here! Forecasted to bring up to 18 inches of snow and wind gusts of 50 MPH in Boston, we’re going to play it safe for everyone. Massachusetts Boloco locations are closed today, Tuesday March 13th. Yeah, we know this will create Buffalo or Teriyaki withdrawals for some of you (unless you Read more about MASS IS CLOSED: Ferris Burrito’s Day Off March 13, 2018[…]

Buffalo Burritos > Buffalo Wings … ? > ?

Why wait till the Big Game to get your buffalo fix?! This weekend Americans will chow down over 1 Billion chicken wings.* When #80 helped seal another trip to the Big Game we started thinking Buffalo Burritos. After all, Buffalo Burritos are sooo much better than buffalo wings – no bones, no napkins, no crazy Read more about Buffalo Burritos > Buffalo Wings … ? > ?[…]

RANT & RAVE: Price Increases at Boloco

Over the past year we have been slowly rolling out changes to our ordering process and pricing. While many guests appreciate these changes, there are always those who don’t – often for good reasons. Since I’m personally not always appreciative of change or price increases myself, especially when it’s a company or product I love Read more about RANT & RAVE: Price Increases at Boloco[…]