August 11, 2016

Atlantic Wharf

Boloco Atlantic Wharf

284 Congress St
Boston, MA 02110

(857) 284-7488

Monday – Friday: (7am – 9pm)
Saturday – Sunday: (10am – 4pm)

Boloco Atlantic Wharf is our first restaurant in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood. Atlantic Wharf is a newly re-constructed building abutting Boston Harbor. It is home to residents, businesses, and restaurants. It was formally known as Russia Wharf but don’t worry, we won’t be paying homage to yesteryear with a Beef Stroganoff burrito anytime soon…we MAY however serve up a Boston-inspired “lobstah” burrito to go along with the rest of our globally inspired creations 😉

Boloco Atlantic Wharf is equipped with all the fancy stuff — a Coke free-style machine, digital menu boards, self-order kiosks (that remember your favorite orders AND accept boloco cards), two serving lines (for speedier service), flat-screen TVs, comfy seating, and new Sean Boyce artwork. The bathrooms are down the hall but hey, there’s some awesome artwork displayed in the Atlantic Wharf lobby that you’ll pass on your way there that will surely entertain you. Yup, we’re looking forward to meeting our neighbors and being a part of Fort Point Channel!